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Past Record High Scores
Running Deer

Slow run     Dean Nace       37-2 
Standing     Ken Alexander   38 
Fast run     Eric King       34 
Total        Ken Alexander   88-1
             Tom Dunchak Jr. 88 
Season (4/5) Frank Harner    290-2 
Season (4/6) Tom Dunchak Jr. 293


Standing     Randy McCleaf   39 
             Ed Wire         39 
Season (4/5) Eric King       123 
       (4/6) Tom Dunchak Jr. 123 


Total        Lynn Rexroth     57
Season       Mike Malehorn   151


Total        Tim Thompson    41
Season       Dan Group       72

Running deer and running game target, 100- and 50-meter versions of this sport, were part of the Olympics at different times between 1900-88. Today's 10-meter event, altered for air rifle, replaced running game target on the Olympic program in 1992.

There are two courses of fire, one slow and one rapid, each composed of a 30-shot string from a distance of 10 meters The target, a life-sized lithograph of a boar, moves across a 2-meter opening. The rifle may have a telescopic sight, but not more than 4x magnification. The fast run is exposed for 2.5 seconds, slow run for 5 seconds. The gun is mounted after the target is exposed to the shooter

In 1912, the Olympic team event for Running Deer shooting was won by Sweden, with USA and Finland finishing second and third. The 1912 Olympics were held in Stockholm Sweden, where Jim Thorpe, a 24-year-old American Indian who was a two-time consensus All-America football player at Carlisle (Pa.) Institute, won the two most demanding events in track and field–the pentathlon and decathlon.

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